Know Your Tools

I am sure that you know the gratifying feeling of using your own two hands and a tools box to transform pieces of wood into works of art.

Whether you are a beginner woodworker or an experienced carpenter, knowing the essential tools needed for the job is equally important as where to begin the process.

This tools quiz will help you out in two ways: test your knowledge and give you an idea of tools you should start collecting. You may learn some fun facts about woodworking in the process.

For thousands of years, humans have developed a way to shape fallen trees into tools. Turning a hobby like woodworking into a lucrative business could be a game changer for you. Just like wooden spears were a total game-changer for our ancestors.

I would suggest you pay attention to these woodworking tool questions and answers if nothing else, just to get a few pointers on how to build your tools box for crafting everything out of wood.

Before starting, ask yourself:

  • Do I know lineman tools?
  • Do I enjoy rooting around my relatives’ plumbing tools?
  • Am I up for answering tools questions?
  • Is it possible to open my own woodworking business once I figure out what I need?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of those questions, you should probably get started right now!

Take this tools quiz to see if you have what it takes to be a pro in the wood shop.

Once you complete the quiz, you will get the following FREE guide and plans:

The “Art of Woodworking” guide is a great guide for all woodworking enthusiasts!

art of woodworking

This FREE eBook has 440 color rich content pages that covers:

Workshop Essentials

Woodworking Tools and Skills

Measuring, Marking and Layout

Cutting, Drilling and Shaping

Wood Joinery

Clamping, Gluing and Fastening

Sanding and Finishing

An much more….

You will also get a detailed step by step plan to many projects!

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