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We are here to help you complete these DIY projects you have been thinking about in order to turn your house into a place you love and cherish.  Here you will learn techniques about woodworking from wood preparation, joinery, measuring and wood finishes.

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We have catalogue of posts is growing by the day including reviews and how to guides written by passionate wood enthusiasts and professional contractors, woodworkers.

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Adam Davis

Founder and main editor of Diywoodworkingmastery.com. Adam loves working with wood and want to share this passion with other wood enthusiasts whether you are a beginner or experienced craftsman.

Jennifer Snyder

Jennifer is a seasoned wtiter who has contributed to a variety of blogs covering tools, binoculars, health and fitness.Beside writting, Jen enjoys performing some DIY projects around the house.She also loves everything programming therefore spends lots of time helping people build and optimize their web sites.

Dustin Horn

Dustin is veteran woodworker who has worked on various hand-on careers including home building and renovation, and now is happy sharing his knowledge as a writer and contributor at diywoodworkingmastery.Dustin is an adventurer, avid researcher and reader who loves investigating topics such as DIY, relationships, pets and more.

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At Diywoodworkingmastery, we pride ourselves in delivering in-depth guides and reviews for various products. You will learn about the best woodworking tools and get helpful information on how to use these products for the best results.

We rank products based on several features. including price, performance, and user ratings. It is important to hear from actual customers to ensure you get more than just the company’s view of the tool.

Most review sites will rank products only based on their price. We know how important performance is, but a great deal is also a valuable deciding factor. This is why we pick a “Best Overall,” “Best Value,” and “Premium Choice” product for each of our review.

Our product reviews and guides will give you all the information and knowledge you need to make a smarter purchase decision. We do most of the critical research for you so that you have the most crucial information when it comes to buying a specific woodworking tool and embarking on your DIY project.

How we test products

As you can imagine ranking products in our in-depth buying reviews is not an easy tasks. We spend many hours testing products, reaching out to customers, researching, and much more. We then rate each product based on more than ten factors. The most important factors are performance, price, warranty, and real customer feedback.On average, we roughly 8+ hours compiling one buying guide. Yes that’s a long time but it’s completely worth it because we help thousands of people just like you make smart buying decisions with ease.