How Do You Hang a Shelf Without Making Holes?

How do you hang a shelf without making holes

When you want to install shelves, you don’t always want to drill into the walls. Yes, it leaves holes that are not very aesthetic when it comes to redesigning our interior. Furthermore, if you are a tenant, your landlord will most certainly refuse that you make holes in their walls. However, you have to fix the shelves! So how do you hang a shelf without making holes?

How do you hang a shelf without putting holes in the wall?

Drilling holes anywhere in the walls to install shelves, is that the only way to go? Well no! There are several clever and effective ways to secure your shelves without the aid of a drill, while sparing your walls. Moreover, it saves you time and energy.

Not to mention the fact that it is much easier even for a beginner who does not necessarily know much about DIY. You will understand, the techniques and tips that follow can be applied even for the most sensitive surfaces such as tiles or plaster.

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The different types of fasteners without drilling

Today we have what are called wall brackets which are used to fix furniture, or any other thing without having to make the slightest hole in the walls. Some can withstand large loads, while others take a little less. You just need to know which one is best for your current needs.

Here is a short list of the possibilities you have:

Fixed paste

Fixed paste is a paste that can adhere even to surfaces subject to humidity such as the walls of a bathroom for example. It can withstand a load of up to 3 kg and can therefore easily accommodate towel racks or shelves for cosmetics.

Velcro wall fixing

You surely know this binding under the name of “scratch”. This type of fixing can withstand the load of a few kilos: 3 to 4 kg at most. You can therefore use it to support small vase shelves for example.

Double-sided adhesive tape

Very practical, the double-sided adhesive tape is specially designed for fixing and is also very practical. Indeed, it adheres to almost all surfaces: tiles, walls painted in oil paint, wallpaper and even brick. It makes it easy to attach a small shelf or a lightweight wall shelf. You also have in the same type of fixing the adhesive tab which works roughly the same way.


By name we can already know what it is. Indeed, they are small triangles designed to accommodate the base board of a shelf. In particular, you just need to glue them to the wall and wait for it to dry perfectly. This type of attachment is the safest, as it can receive up to a hundred kilograms and more load without this being a problem.


Of course, we’re not talking about simple office glue or mundane super-glue here like you find at the local grocery store. We are talking about super strong glue here which can withstand heavy loads once the shelf is in place. In addition, it offers the benefit of taking only some drying time.


For metal brackets, this type of fastening is best. Indeed, it is not enough only to glue the magnetic fixing to the wall and to position the support. Unfortunately, this can only sustain a very low load, but has the advantage of being almost invisible.

The suction cup

The suction cup is a fastener that can only be used on a smooth surface, especially tiles. In addition, a humid place is better, as the suction cup does not hold much on a dry surface. This type of attachment is therefore made for soap dishes for example.

How to install your shelf?

Choose the fastening method that you think best suits what you want to install, then proceed to the realization. To begin with, define the location of the installation according to your idea of the end result. Then, mark where to place the fasteners and make sure the marks are straight before proceeding to glue the fastener.

Then place the different elements of your shelf. And There you go ! It is installed. All you need to do now is to garnish it, taking into account the total load supported by the fixing, including the weight of the shelf.

Fixings without drilling have the advantage of being almost invisible. However, even if they are easy to install, it is best to make sure that they remain invisible so as not to spoil the decoration.

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Alternative tips

To create storage spaces without having to do any DIY work, there are roundabout and easy-to-apply methods. We can sometimes find them prefabricated in supermarkets or have them manufactured at low cost by specialists.

The tablet

To install on a window sill or to place on the radiator, a simple painted wooden board can become a small storage space where you can put books, flowerpots … in short, very practical decorative elements. You will also not need to fix anything to the wall.

A shelf on legs

This obsession with having to hang everything up is the main cause of the multiple holes in your wall. So, why not remedy this by opting for a shelf with legs? It stands up on its own without the aid of any fasteners and offers a lot more storage space. And if decoration is your main concern, you can always go for an original design that suits you.

Mobile shelves

Why always have to fix your shelves if it is possible to opt for mobile furniture? Indeed, some producers have had the genius to offer mobile shelves that you can move as you wish. What’s more, you just need to place it against the wall to put it in place.

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