How To Build a Wardrobe

how to build a wardrobe

To make your life easier, you can build a wardrobe according to your tastes. You can then choose the number of storage spaces at your convenience

What location and what material for a wardrobe?

Obviously, you are not going to go blindly creating a walk-in closet. You will need precise measurements on its location in the room. For this, it will be essential to establish the volume and size of the object to be built from the configuration of your room. Remember to write them down on paper, as they will be used when designing the plan.

The plan ? It will be your benchmark for the proper installation of your wardrobe. In particular, you will have to have various measurements (width, height, etc.), from floor to ceiling as well as on the side. However, the fact that this cabinet is feasible implies that the obstacles have been taken into account in the calculation. Not only will the new walk-in closet not be bulky, but on the contrary, it will enhance your room, as a decoration.

Since we come to talk about design, we must not forget useful details. In this case, the construction material contributes to the look of your closet and your bedroom. Therefore, it is advisable to make your choices according to criteria of compatibility in relation to the conditions of the room, a question of elegance, but above all of quality. In general, wood, like melamine plank, is often called upon for its ease of use, but there are still some who opt for metals, which are more solid.

How to put together a custom wardrobe?

Have you taken your measurements on the available space? Note that all house configurations, even those with cavity walls can accommodate the installation of a closet. And now is the time to move on to the realization part which unfolds in several stages:

what should your wardrobe consist of

How To Build a Wardrobe: Inventory of materials

In any craft project, you need materials and accessories for the structure. In particular, measuring devices such as a tape measure, a set square, a level and drawing supplies will be useful for a fair design.

In addition, you must have a drill, a saw, a tape measure and a screwdriver handy. If you opt for electrical devices, they will be more convenient for accuracy. Furthermore, the boards should exceed the desired dimension a little for leeway. And don’t forget to bring dowels, screws and wooden cleats (optional according to the case) to keep the structure stable and solid.

Modeling and cutting

In theory, building a closet on your own can seem so simple. Unfortunately, not everyone often has the talent of an artist, especially when it comes to modeling from a diagram. Some people have the image in mind, but cannot draw it.

To do this, make your markings using a pencil and a level on the wall. As soon as you have your sketch on paper with the assigned dimensions, move on to cutting. Proceed with care and handle the boards well, otherwise it will be pure waste. For information, large portions should always be cut first, in order to better see clearly on the rest.

Assembly and finishing

In order to consolidate the structure, you need to screw all the corners. And using the square, make sure the alignment is correct before tightening. Usually, we start by assembling the sides and gradually add the shelves if there are any. As an option it is possible to organize a drawer system, it all depends on your needs and the available space.

If you plan to insert a wardrobe in the structure, you will need to locate the middle at the top of each side of the partitions to install the bar. Use a tape measure for accuracy and a drill with the correct bit to apply the hole. In addition, you can change the opening (sliding door or curtain) or even coat your boards with varnish for a better look.

Roughly speaking, the complexity of your sketch with its details will decide how much time you will spend building your closet. This also involves your skills in the matter, but above all your equipment and your investment. Indeed, some consider the idea of fixing a cabinet to the wall while others consider the practicality. Either way, you can always buy one that’s already mounted.

how to build a wardrobe diy

How to store your closet?

The fitting out of the wardrobe begins with its conception. Between the number of shelves and drawers as well as their arrangement, it is essential that storage simplifies your daily life and not the other way around. You will need to be able to access everything you need without looking far.

Manage what you have as space

So sort out all your clothes a bit, including accessories. In particular, jackets and overcoats take up a lot of space. You will give them sufficient space while taking into account other clothes. To get an idea of the ideal thickness, just stack the clothes and measure the corresponding destination volume. In addition, it is advisable to store occasional items there; thus, we put the blankets in height and the rest in the lower parts.

 Choose extension solutions

Some, more clever, recommend accessories and extension materials, such as the banal dressing bar. In this sense, a retractable wardrobe is an option to easily access your hanged collection. To make it even easier, tips like using a trouser rack will prevent you from wrinkling your clothes. A fill light would also be a plus, especially if you have a fairly dark room.

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