Track Saw vs Table Saw: Which One Do You Need?

track saw vs table saw

If you have been in the woodworking niche for a little over 30 day you will know the long-standing debate about track saw vs table saw. We uncover the truth for you.

Is a track saw better than a table saw?

Choosing the right saw depends on various factors based on your job or project.

Indeed, each saw has a unique feature or main selling point. For example, although you can cut straight lines with any saw, it would be easier to do so with a table saw (or any other circular saw for that matter).

There is no right or wrong answer here as we have seen many great reviews about both type of saws. Some enjoy experimenting with new tools and others more conservative prefer the firmness of a table saw. Once again it all goes back to what type of project or type of cut you would like to make, including the type of wood you are working on.

Pros and Cons with Track saw vs table saw

The table saw is sturdy and more challenging to move from one site to another one. On the other hand, the track saw is portable and can be easily carried from one location to another job site. Although it’s light, the track saw can perform most contractor, woodworker jobs.

The table saw is strong and can cut thick woods. It can operate nonstop for hours. People who work in workshops with big production lines would prefer a table saw.

With a track saw you can rip boards, cut trim and across panels. You can also use it as plunge saw without fail. This gives you more control when working on flooring for example.

We have seen many trusted websites that give high marks to the track saw in their reviews. Most people find it safe. Most importantly its portability seems to win people over.

Known brands for track saw

From our research we found out that Dewalt and Festool have the biggest market share on track saws while Makita is a mover and shaker. All these brands offer products that include track saws and table saws.

Final Thought

Do you think a track saw can replace a table saw? Or maybe you will continue to use both for what they are good at.

In our opinion table saws are here to stay, especially in big workshops setting where mobility from one job site to another one is not a concern.

We definitively see more benefits in using track saws and encourage you to try it out. Who knows? It may become your favorite saw.

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