What Is The Difference Between a Carpenter And a Woodworker


Are you looking for a craftsman to do some wood work in your house or business premises? If you answer yes then you might have wondered at some point what is the difference between a carpenter and a woodworker.

Although the carpenter and the woodworker both work with wood, their services are totally different. Indeed, the carpenter works mainly on the structural level of the building.

On the other hand, the woodworker takes care of the finishing elements, such as openings, stairs, flooring, partitions, furniture, woodwork, railings and more.

Considering the extent of the woodworker’s services, making the difference with the carpenter can be confusing. To better distinguish these two craftsmen, learn more about them in this article.


What is a woodworker called?

Woodworkers make products from wood materials, either lumber of synthetic  [1] . As pointed out above, most of their products include most furnitures such as cabinets, furniture and anything related to the finishing part of a construction projet.

What the woodworker can do for you

The carpenter is a craftsman who can be entrusted with interior and exterior design projects. On the interior level, his services are mainly focused on finishing work, such as:

  • The installation and renovation of openings and access
  • The installation of parquet flooring
  • The arrangement of spaces: partitioning, furnishing
  • The installation of stairs
  • The installation and repair of woodwork
  • The application of interior insulation cladding


In terms of exterior design projects, the carpenter can also provide many types of services. Indeed, you can for example call upon him to :

  • Laying parquet flooring on terraces and balconies
  • Design and install railings
  • Installing pergolas and loggias
  • Create outdoor furniture
  • Installing a swimming pool
  • Building additional spaces: carport, cottage, wooden pool.

Moreover, it is also one of the essential craftsmen to carry out a facade renovation. Indeed, this type of project includes new carpentry works, such as windows, doors, bays, patio doors, shop windows, railings, exterior cladding.

The replacement of these elements requires, however, to take into account the technical constraints of the building and the town planning rules of your town. The carpenter can however advise you and accompany you in all your projects of outside arrangement.

Who is called a carpenter?

A carpenter is a worker who builds or repairs wooden structures or their structural parts [2].

What services does the carpenter offer?

Intervening on the structural work, the carpenter takes part in the creation of the frame of the building. Indeed, he is specialized in the assembly of the frameworks and is thus in charge of designing all the necessary supporting elements for their development. This includes in particular:

  • Posts
  • Rafters
  • Purlins
  • Beams

If the roof structure is the main structure for which the carpenter is responsible, you should know that he is also involved in many other components of the building. Indeed, he is also required to work on the structure of floors, walls and floors. Moreover, even if this professional is mainly required to work with wood, he also masters the use of many other materials, to make concrete forms, metal coatings, glass, PVC or composite joinery.


In addition to new construction, the carpenter also provides services of renovation and repair of structures. In addition, he can also offer similar services to the woodworker:

  • Creation and installation of openings: doors, windows, patio doors, bay windows
  • Furnishing and decoration: moldings, furniture and storage spaces, finishing woodwork
  • Layout: partitioning
  • Design and installation of stairs



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Adam Davis