Bosch ra1141 Portable Benchtop Router Table review

bosch ra1141 review

This is our review of the Bosch ra1141 portable benchtop router.

You are probably familiar with our review process by now. We have a team of passionate woodworking enthusiasts and professional contractors who spend countless hours researching, testing and reaching out to real customers in most cases to empower you with the necessary data. This will help you make an informed buying decision.

Through our 3-step process in evaluating the Bosch ra1141, we found it to be the best overall router table.

Indeed, this tool is a time saver for woodworkers on the go. It’s portable and has everything you need to craft a quality product. The router can be quickly detached and folded away thanks to its fold and go table legs.

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Bosch ra1141 Portable Benchtop Router Table Overview

The Ra1141 is a portable benchtop router table from Bosch which has plenty of features you will love. The workspace is spacious enough capable of handling boards up to 7 feet long. The workspace itself is 26-inch by 16.5 inch large.

The MDF top is laminated and provide a firm surface for you to work on. The fence is adjustable and serves as a stout guide while running material through the router.

There is a click-muting system on the base plate that can be attached to the router quickly. It’s compatible with most popular tool brands such as Dewalt, Makita,Ryobi, Milmaukee and more.

You can use the included miter gauge together with a T-slot that runs the length of the table.

This router table has additional storage space as integrated bins into the legs. The entire tool set is portable thus making it a worthy addition to your home workshop.

Bosch ra1141 Portable Benchtop Features Review

Let’s run through some of the noticeable features of the Bosch ra1141 that make it so powerful for beginners and professional alike woodworkers.

  • A benchtop router table

The ra1141 from Bosch is a benchtop model. It means that you don’t need a separate or additional workspace in your workshop. This is one of the main selling point of benchtop routers. This product is light but incredibly sturdy.

  • Portable Design

This Bosch ra1141 router table is easy to transport and quite flexible for various woodwork project needs. As you can imagine not many router tables are that flexible.

It’s worth mentioning that the legs are foldable for a fast setup and easy storage.

  • Mounting System

One of the main challenges with most router tables is their compatibility with your existing router. Well with the Bosch ra1141 this is not a problem at all given that it’s versatile enough to take on most popular routers.

Moreover, it has an easy click router mounting system for an easy bit changes and no leveling at all.

  • Work Area

The work area is 26-inch by 16.5 inch large and the top is a laminated MDF. This will help you make smoother and precise cuts for your diy projects.

  • The Fence

There is no denial that you would like a router table for its stability and ability to hold your wooden pieces in one place. This is usually achieved with the fence.

The fence on this model is tall enough with two adjustable featheboards thus providing extra control and guide work.

  • Storage Space

There is ample onboard storage for holding router bits and parts. These bins are integrated into its legs for convenience and ease of access.

  • Dust collection

The system has a standard dust collection port in the back. This is where you attach your vacuum hoses.

Bosh ra1141 frequently asked questions

1. Is the route included?

Answer: no

2. What’s the weight of this router table?

Answer: the product is 33 lb or 14.96 kgs which is light.

3. What routers does this table support?

Answer: This table will support most popular routers.

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