How To Remove Rejuvenate From Wood Floor (9 Easy Steps)


You have probably polished your floor recently using Rejuvenate Floors Restorer and Polish. Soon after you have noticed that you floors are now covered in a waxy, hazy, or streaky coating. Don’t freak out if you think Rejuvenate damaged your floors. You don’t have to live with a murky situation forever. You may address this … Read more

How To Remove Crayon From Wood


To remove regular crayons from finished wood such as paneling, paint, stain or varnish, simply use an All Purpose cleaner. Spray it on the stained area and wipe with paper towels or some sort. Keep reading to find out more about various ways to remove those stubborn stains of your wood furniture.   What will … Read more

What Is Thermally Modified Wood?


Thermally modified wood; you’ve probably heard of it. But what is it really? What types of wood are modified and what applications can you use it for? We explain it in this article on what is thermally modified wood.   What Is Thermally Treated Wood? Thermally modified wood is a form of wood treatment with … Read more

What Are Tiny Holes In Wood From?


The small holes you sometimes see in wood are called pinholes. These pinholes are made by insects. What insects cause these holes and what can you do about them?   What insects cause pinholes in wood? Small holes in wood are caused by different types of insects. These insects are subdivided into wet wood borers … Read more

How To Treat Wood With Linseed Oil?


Treating wood with linseed oil is a natural solution to keep the wood in its original beauty and survive insect attacks. This liquid is very effective and the respect of the environment is another asset and property of linseed oil. We show you how to treat wood with linseed oil in this article so keep … Read more

How Do You Make a Simple Wood Table?


The table is the centerpiece of the home and has been used for centuries to enjoy time with family and friends. Over time, it has adopted various shapes and styles. However, the models offered on the market can always have a detail that displeases. For a do-it-yourselfer, whether a beginner or a professional, making your … Read more

How To Build a Pallet Deck


When Luc moved to Lyon, he bought a house without a terrace, but with a more or less spacious garden. That’s where he got the idea to arrange their exterior in order to have a pleasant space to rest or receive his guests. When he saw the estimate proposed by the professionals, he decided to … Read more