How To Make A Wooden Floor Hatch Door


There are ready-to-install manholes on the market. You just have to buy them to save time. However, if you have some DIY skills, you can build this component yourself. In this case, how to make a wooden trap door? All you need is the right equipment! In this article we show you how to make a wooden floor hatch door the right way.


The advantages of an access hatch

The attic often houses a lot of essential equipment in a house, but which must be hidden for aesthetic reasons. This is particularly true for WiFi antennas and electrical installations. The creation of an access hatch is therefore necessary to reach this area easily since it serves as an opening to reach this area located high. Faced with this, you are probably wondering how to make a wooden access hatch.


Of course, there is a large choice of attic access doors ready to be installed on the market. However, their cost is not for everyone. In addition, there may be significant discrepancies in measurements. That’s why making an access hatch yourself seems to be the most affordable solution.


How to make a wooden floor hatch door in the rules of art?

At the beginning, we want to reassure you that this is a task that can be done by anyone. On the other hand, this opening should have a very good thermal insulation. This way, you will avoid heat loss that could increase your bill at the end of the month.

Before working on an attic access hatch, you need to bring several materials such as sticks, paint, a reciprocating saw and glue.

To make an access hatch, start by measuring the frame so you can mark the marks on the false ceiling. Using a laser meter will ensure more accuracy in this task. After that, you can proceed to cut the rods with 45° angles. To do this task, use a reciprocating saw and use glue to assemble them.

The last steps

For the opening, take a piece of drywall and cut it to the required size. Once this is done, you can place the frame of the insulated attic hatch in its place. When you install the whole, take care to put the edges in the false ceiling.

To finish, all you have to do is apply the paint. Don’t forget to let the product dry before touching it. At this point, simply lift the hatch to reach the attic.

Now you know how to make a wooden trap door. These are very simple tricks to do and they also save you money.


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