How To Replace An Interior Door



In order to optimize everyone’s comfort, it is essential to properly maintain your home. If you have noticed that your interior door is no longer working properly, it is now time to change it. In this article, you will discover all the advice to carry out this work without going through a professional. Let’s discover how to replace an interior door.


The steps to follow to replace interior door without touching the frames

To successfully change the interior door without removing the existing frames is simple. The first step is to check the general condition of your entrance. Take the necessary dimensions and start your research on the internet.

There are different sites that can meet your needs. It is up to you to choose the style, color and materials. Don’t forget to always respect your budget unless you fall in love with it.


Next, make sure you stick to the condition of the door frame. It should be strong enough to hold your new modern interior door. Once you have removed the hinges and dismantled the old doors, you can now install the cheap interior door you just bought.

All you have to do is to fix the hinges and adjust the lock according to the height of the strike plate. For the last step, you just have to install the handle, and that’s it!


How to replace a complete door block?

Do you want to proceed with the renovation of the interior door? To successfully replace a complete door block, you will need the total height and width of the door and the thickness of the partition. Next, you’ll need materials such as a screwdriver, tape measure, crowbar, mallet, spirit level, fine-tooth saw and sealing tabs. You will also need wood shims, wood screw handles, filler, a small trowel and protective accessories.


Before proceeding with the replacement of the door block in renovation, you must equip yourself with masks, glasses and gloves. These tools will improve your safety throughout the work.

Next, clear the old door by lifting it with a crowbar. Then remove the door frame with a chisel and mallet. Do this gently and safely to minimize damage. Afterwards, check the verticality of the hinge jamb with a spirit level.


You can adjust it if necessary. Once you’re sure of the fit, you can hold it in place with the proper screws. All that’s left to do is to install it before fixing it with a coating.

Let it sit for 24 hours to dry properly. To embellish the door frame, don’t hesitate to apply a smoothing coating.


The below video explanation shows you how to replace an interior door the right way.


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