How To Remove Rusty Nails From Wood

how to remove rusty nails from wood

You most likely know how to drive nails but have you wondered how to get them out when they’re crooked, rusty, and stubbornly resisting you? Here are some tips from experienced handymen on how to remove rusty nails from wood without damage. The various methods of removing a nail from wood The shank of the … Read more

Who Makes Craftsman Miter Saws?

who makes craftsman miter saws

Craftsman miter saws are made by Chang Type a Taiwanese OEM/ODM company. It’s the same manufacturer that makes Ryobi, and DeWalt from Black & Decker. All these products are sold through major retailing channels such as Sears, Home Depot and Lowes. The company was established in 1989 and quickly became a leader in manufacturing power tools. … Read more

How To Sharpen A Miter Saw Blade

How To Sharpen A Miter Saw Blade

The blade of a saw needs to be sharpened regularly, as it gradually wears out with each cut. This task is not really easy to accomplish. However, it will prevent you from repeatedly buying a new blade. This guide will show you how to sharpen a miter saw blade with ease. Blades that can’t be sharpened Blades … Read more

Woodworking Tips For Beginners

woodworking tips for beginners

Here we share with you 8 woodworking tips for beginners to kickstart your project on the right path. We previously shared that you can easily find free woodworking plans from different sources such as online, from carpentry magazines and books, and also from friends who also build woodworking projects. Hopefully this article helps you take your craft to the … Read more

Where To Get Free Woodworking Plans

Where To Get Free Woodworking Plans

This article will show you where to get free woodworking plans. Indeed, if you love to do DIY woodworking projects, you first need to find free woodworking plans that you can use as your guide. It is important to have a plan when creating wooden projects to avoid mistakes. This is especially important if this is … Read more

How Do You Hang a Shelf Without Making Holes?

How do you hang a shelf without making holes

When you want to install shelves, you don’t always want to drill into the walls. Yes, it leaves holes that are not very aesthetic when it comes to redesigning our interior. Furthermore, if you are a tenant, your landlord will most certainly refuse that you make holes in their walls. However, you have to fix the … Read more

Is Ted’s Woodworking worth the money?

is ted's woodworking worth the money

Hey, Adam here. If you have landed on this page, it’s probably because you are about to purchase Teds Woodworking Plans and wondering if it’s worth the money! To cut to the chase, yes Ted’s Woodworking is worth the money. Kindly note that the regular price of his product is $67 but if you buy … Read more

Is Teds Woodworking legit?

is teds woodworking legit

If you have landed here it probably means that you are contemplating buying Teds Woodworking Plans but still on the fence because you are not sure if it’s a scam or not. Well to make this post short, I can tell you that in my opinion Teds Woodworking is legit. This is based on my … Read more

How To Build a Wardrobe

how to build a wardrobe

To make your life easier, you can build a wardrobe according to your tastes. You can then choose the number of storage spaces at your convenience.  What location and what material for a wardrobe? Obviously, you are not going to go blindly creating a walk-in closet. You will need precise measurements on its location in the room. For … Read more